Guide: Top 10 Glossary to Help Buying Diamonds

When you consider about buying out the new diamond according to your needs, then the main thing that you come across is about how to buy a diamond without any problems. Because of this reason, it is necessary for the people to discover out the things related to buying diamonds including the diamond cuts, clarity, shape, color and weight in a reliable and efficient way. There are many reliable things that you need to concentrate for making out the diamond purchase as the best one. Those reliable things are,


Carbon spots: This is normally treated as the inaccurate term that is generally used by some people of jewelry industry in order to represent the inclusions present in the diamond. This name had come because of the appearance of black and dark of crystals inside the diamond rather than the transparent or white appearance it needs to have normally, when you see that with the help of microscope. Even though these dark inclusions are generally not seen through the naked eye, they would not affect the diamond and its brilliance in an effective way.

Depth and its percentage: When you consider about the depth of a particular diamond presents in the jewelry or in a piece of diamond, it is usually measured in the form of millimeters. The depth is also treated as the main thing in order to make the grading report of the diamond as the best one. There are two different measurements included in the grading such as actual depth in millimeters and the percentage of depth. This is normally used in order to explore the wideness of the diamond in an efficient manner.


The brilliance and value of the diamond has been determined with the help of percentage of depth and hence it is treated as the important thing in most of the cases. It is also treated as the thing equal to the beauty of diamond. In the case of diamond cuts, the percentage of depth has to be same in every cut in order to offer the attractiveness and quality to the diamond.

Crown and its angle: If you think about the crown of a diamond, then it is nothing but the upper portion of the particular gemstone that is cut. It usually lies above the girdle. It is also efficient thing to consider about the angle of the crown, which normally resides in the intersection of girdle plane along with bezel facets. The facets available with the gentle slope are normally used efficiently to create the fire and dispersion in a particular diamond. The beautiful play of colors inside the diamond would be got through the white light entering in the different angles.

Cut: It normally depends on the finish and proportions of a polished diamond. The only and only man-made contribution to each and every diamond design is its cut, which would add value and beauty.

Brilliance: It is nothing but the brightness that comes from the heart of diamond along with the unique effect compared to all other gemstones. Even though most of the gemstones have the capacity to deliver the brilliance, diamond is treated as the powerful one in the case of light-reflection.


Dispersion: When you consider about the dispersion of a diamond, it is the one that provides the small flashes of colors throughout the surface in order to add beauty and value. The natural body color of diamond is differed from the play colors.

Diamond cutting: In order to make the diamond that is mined from the earth as shaped and finished one, it is necessary to go through the diamond cutting method. The gem is made as the smaller one with the help of cleaving and the outline shape would be got through the method of grinding out the edge. After that, the diamond will go through the process of faceting in order to remove the oil and other additional substances. At last the diamond would become as polished and finished one to use.

AGS: It is the educational institution, which is mainly created primarily for the purpose of gemological studies in order to develop and promote the grading cuts as universally-accepted standards.


If you go through all these things, then it would probably become as an easy thing to buy diamonds including argyle pink diamonds and natural colored diamonds without any hassles.

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